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Guide to Stock Certificates Online

In order to raise capital, corporations issues corporate stock. If you buy a corporate stock share, then you become a partial owner of the corporation that sold you the stocks. The number of shares you buy from the corporation represents your interest in that corporation. And he becomes a shareholder of the corporation.

The corporation mostly sells only half of corporate stock. The remaining shares of corporate stock are sold to purchasers or on the open market through stockbrokers. There are those who give the remaining shares directly to their employees. You have the power to determine how the corporation conducts business if you own more than half of the corporate stocks available. And this is why most corporations try to own more than half of the corporate stock. If a shareholder owns more than half of the corporate stock, he will be called the controlling or majority shareholder. He will then be entitled to voting rights or dividends of the corporate profits.

There are two types of stocks that a corporation issues and these are the common stock and the preferred stock. Common stocks are issued to shareholders. Preferred stock is like a promissory note which carries a fixed dividend percentage rate. If the corporation is dissolved, the common stockholders receive a share of the corporation assets. Common stock can be voting or non-voting. You can join in the election of the corporation’s board of directors if you hold a voting common stock. Even if you are a non-voting common stockholder, then you will receive a share of the corporation’s assets upon its dissolution.

A stock certificate is a document that certifies ownership of a specific number of stock shares in a corporation. A stock certificate is given to anyone who buys corporate stock shares. These stock certificates are signed by legal representatives of the corporation which is issuing the stock. If you have a stock certificate, then it shows that you are a part of owner of that corporation. If you are a shareholder in the corporation, you have rights and privileges that you can exercise in the corporation. This is why you can have a voice and a vote in any of the shareholders’ meetings as your right and privilege as a shareholder.

If you have bought stocks from a corporation and you need your stock certificates, then you can simply apply for it online. Online, there are many sites offering free stock certificate templates that you can use. You simply enter the information into the form given on-site then place your order. You get all the convenience when getting your stock certificates online. Buying stocks from a corporation will indeed make you a part-owner of the corporation that has sold them to you.

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