Water Interconnection Agreement

Our mission is to support and accelerate your efforts to connect to SRP`s energy network. SRP wants to ensure that your power generation facilities are connected to the electricity grid safely and reliably. Whether you`re a first-time interconnection customer or an experienced contractor looking for detailed specifications, here you`ll find useful information that will help you learn more about connection options, guide you through the application process and get the job done. SRP defines decentralized production as a generally small power generation facility (up to 20 MW) that is dedicated to the assumption of the neighbouring load. Decentralized production can use both renewable energy (photovoltaic, wind, water, agricultural waste, etc.) and non-renewable energy sources (natural gas or other fossil fuels for conventional engines, turbines and fuel cells). Regardless of the type of decentralized power generation (AC or DC at different voltage levels), interconnection must comply with company standards when connected to the distribution company`s electrical system. For questions about applicable solar loans, please contact GWP customer service at 855-550-4497. If you are interested in Solar Solutions` Incentive program, please visit the Residential Solar Solutions Program. 17. Solar Supplier contacts Building and Safety for inspection at 818-548-4830.

If the solar installation is intended for a commercial property or contains an energy storage system, the solar contractor contacts GWP Engineering for an inspection at 818-548-3921. 6. In the meantime, GWP Engineering is forwarding the interconnection agreement to the Director General for approval. 9. Solar Solutions employees download the AI from PowerClerk and send a notification email to the customer and contractor indicating that the AI has been approved. SRP allows each customer to operate production facilities parallel to the company`s electrical system, as defined in the SRP`s technical requirements for the interconnection of production facilities to the distribution system, SRP Electric Service Specifications and SRP Rules and Regulations, unless there are negative effects on other customers, equipment or employees of the company or the quality of service.

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