Permission To Use Name Agreement

As described above, you must sign up for the name contract if you want to run a business and manage business with a fictitious or assumed name. Once the certificate is available to you, it means that the name is registered and you now have the specific name you registered. Even if you have the certificate, there are certain restrictions in the use of the name to do business, that is,. You can only use this name in your state or in one country. For this reason, if you wish to use the denomination certificate outside your jurisdictions; You must apply for a grant or authorization from the General Heritage Division. The “use of the name” clause indicates the extent to which each party can use the other party`s name and marks without written permission. When a company or entity uses a title that does not contain the official name (s) of its partner or owner, it is described as an accepted or fictitious name. If you want to use a fictitious or assumed name for your business, you must request the registration of the name to make transactions with the name. If the Commonwealth Department allows you to use a fictitious or assumed name for your business, you will receive a contract to legalize the use of the name. This contract is referred to as an accepted or fictitious denomination contract.

1.1. Use of the name. The licensee will not use the licensee`s name, trademarks or other trademarks without the donor`s written consent. The licensee may use the licensee`s name and logo without prior authorization. The granting of the right to use the naming contract is by sending a formal letter of requirement to the aforementioned division and by inviting permission to use the naming contract for the purposes you describe in the application. For example, you have your company`s name certificate and you currently have business in your state, but if you enter into a contract with an international organization, you must apply for permission to use the accepted name certificate for the company outside the state level. Once you send the application or letter of requirement with the reasons why you need the authorization, it depends on local laws and regulations to determine whether the authorization is granted or not. The use of name clauses helps donors protect their copyrights. Even if a taker has a valid license, the taker infringes the donor`s copyright if the use exceeds the volume of the license. By adding a “Use of Name” clause, the licensee preemptively limits the scope of the license and reserves the power to use a name or trademark. S.O.S. Inc.

Payday, 886 F.2d 1081 (9rt Circ. 1989) Here is a preview of a free example grant for the right to use the name contract, which was created as a filling-up PDF form. ..

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